From the beginning…

Before you know about gluten free options in Budapest, let’s go to the start! Budapest is the capital of Hungary in the EU. Its population is about 1.8 million. In the middle historian, it was two cities – Buda and Pest. Unification was in 1873.

why going to budapest

Budapest’s history begun in the Roman Empire – there was situated Aquincum. The Hungarians arrived in the territory in the 10th century. Budapest was the capital for a long time, but it was occupied by Ottomans through 150 years. In the 19th and 20th Century, it became the real capital of Budapest.

Budapest city center has a good atmosphere because of the old buildings. Most of them were built in the XX. Century. Streets are very similar to Wien or Bratislava. At those ages, these three cities belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. At the central district, you can see some villas – at Mátyásföld or the Buda hills. These were the summer villas of rich people.

In some districts, you can see big living buildings made of panels. These were built in socialism. These are similar to other ex-socialist states – like Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and so on. These buildings are renovated with a fresh design.

I was thinking a lot about what to write about why going to Budapest.

I’m prejudiced because:

  1. I’m Hungarian,
  2. I live in Budapest since 1995,
  3. I found love in this city,
  4. I can find interesting sightseeing easily – because I speak Hungarian and I can search for programs every blessed day.

Then I decided:

I don’t propagate for Budapest with words than with pictures.

It’s easy for me to find good light for a picture in Budapest. I go to take photos or not.

I selected an album my loved pictures in Budapest. If you see the beauty in them, you will see the beauty in Budapest. They will narrate you why going to Budapest.

Go to Budapest and enjoy the city! You will know why Budapest is a livable city.

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