This is my story. At least part of it. I had been diagnosed with celiac disease a couple of years ago. Since then I was constantly facing difficulties when I travel abroad with my boyfriend. We love to visit various cities in Europe and I can tell you: sometimes it can be a nightmare to find even a simple gluten free biscuit and I feel it’s nearly mission impossible to get a proper meal.

In Hungary, the gluten free cuisine in its infancy. It’s quite a challenge to find a good restaurant and the Hungarian language may prove to be too difficult for a new visitor. So I decided to write a book about my beautiful hometown Budapest for those who has celiac disease or simply committing themselves to a gluten free diet. I would like to ensure you that I personally checked all locations in this guide.

I tasted the food; I asked the waiters and owners. I also researched the shops to recommend you the appropriate goods. Of course, I must warn you: every person has its own sensitivity. So be careful. Just read the Guide to vegetarian gluten free Budapest and taste the food in Budapest.

I must confess: I love my city: It’s one of the most exciting capital in Europe. Therefore I concluded a special section to the book, about hidden gems of the town.

Come and discover the lovely – gluten free vegetarian – Budapest.

Click on the photo and get the guide to vegetarian gluten free Budapest!

guide to vegetarian gluten free budapest