gluten free options in Budapest

Hungarian Kitchen

Hungary is famous about the Hungarian kitchen. The traditional kitchen is not a gluten free one. So if you want to eat some gluten free options in Budapest, you must plan your route. Hungarian kitchen uses wheat flour – it is the most popular cereal at backing. The second one is rye, and some food is made from barley. Meals without gluten are not used nowadays in the Hungarian kitchen. In Budapest, you can find various restaurants, bars with many eating facilities. You can choose not only Hungarian cuisine but Turkish, Greek, vegan, Indian or other styles of reform food kitchen.

Some restaurants or buffets offer gluten free options in traditional Hungarian food. Be aware of restaurants. Sometimes they are using gluten free ingredients but not in a separated kitchen. There can be cross-contamination sometimes. If you choose a restaurant which is not at this homepage offering gluten free menu, ask the waiter if it is really gluten free. It worth to take a question.

If you want to try some Hungarian food in gluten free style, you can find some. For example:

  • kürtöskalács” (some kind of scone) at Balna by Vitéz Kürtös. This is traditional food from Erdély (earlier part of Hungary, now it is part of Romania),
  • heck at Danube part: heck is not Hungarian fish but Hungarian people like to eat it in summer by the water,
  • traditional Hungarian “lángos”: in Szafi Reform Shop.

If you would like to choose gluten free options in Budapest, you can try some traditional food, but you can eat other kinds of foods: salads, pizzas, hamburgers, pasta and so on.

If you have to choose gluten free options in Budapest don’t hesitate just search on this site:

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Is it worth to go to Budapest? – many foreigners say yes

Can you eat gluten free food in Budapest? yes

Can you see many museums and spectaculars in Budapest? I think yes.

So, come on, come to Budapest! Feel and eat free! Because you have gluten free options in Budapest.

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