Do you want to know what are the TOP 5 gluten free places in Budapest?

If you

  • have celiac disease or
  • a disease needed gluten free diet or
  • you avoid gluten from other reason
  • you can find and eat healthy gluten free foods, in this TOP 5 gluten free places in Budapest.

I was your gluten free inspector. I searched for restaurants in Budapest that offer healthy gluten free foods. I went to every restaurant offered on this site. I have tried foods at the restaurant – I was the human litmus paper as I said. I check the places regularly. You can get updated info about recommended restaurants.

Gluten free guide to Budapest

I’m writing your gluten free guide to Budapest. I’m working very hard on the gluten free guide now and I’m planning to finish it before middle October.

I’m a vegetarian celiac – I don’t eat meat. So I try vegetarian foods at this restaurants. I ask the waitress about cross-contaminating about non-vegetarian foods. But I don’t eat them. My recommendations are self-experienced just on vegetarian gluten free foods.

I’ve chosen the TOP 5 gluten free places in Budapest offering healthy gluten free foods.

1.    drop – Drop is very popular among celiac people in Budapest. This is a total gluten free restaurant. So, you can choose free from the menu. It’s not a vegetarian restaurant, so, your meat-lover friends can eat here. It is situated close to Oktogon and Opera and Andrássy avenue.

2.    due Fratelli  – It’s a cozy place for a good lunch or dinner. It has tables outside in summer. You can choose from many gluten free options, pizzas, and pasta. It is situated near Széll Kálmán square, a bigger walk from the Castle.

3.    Etna pizzeria – It’s a little far from the inner city, but t has a delicious gluten free pizza. Pizza is not a traditional Hungarian dish, but pizza is very popular in Budapest, too.

4.    Szelence – It’s a little family-owned vegan bistro with vegan cookies and coffee. From Monday to Friday they offer vegan and vegetarian menus at lunchtime. It’s a baby- and dog-friendly bistro.

5.    Naspolya Nassolda – It’s a well-designed gluten free modern confectionery. You can eat many vegan cookies, cakes. It’s big enough to take a little rest in the middle of the city, near to St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Gluten free guide to Budapest

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