Things you must know about gluten free diet:

Do you know the horrible word: gluten. But do you really know what gluten really is? Why is it so important to hold on gluten free diet? Why is it so important to take gluten free diet?

Let’s start from the beginning.

So. Gluten is some kind of protein. It is in wheat, rye, barley. If you eat some food made of them, you eat gluten.

What is the truth?gluten free diet

  • Does wheat flour contain gluten? Yes.
  • Bread made of wheat flour contains gluten?
  • Yes. Soup made with wheat flour contains gluten? Yes.

What kind of gluten contains these cereals?

  • wheat: gliadin,
  • barley: hordeins,
  • rye: secalins.

This is the truth. Every food made of any kind of wheat, rye, barley contains gluten.

What’s on with oat? It can be cross-contaminated in the fields or in the mill. If you want to eat oat, you have to choose gluten free signed options in your gluten free diet.

How stays gluten in the food?

You don’t eat raw wheat or rye, but how goes gluten to the food? Some food content disappears from the food by cooking. Gluten is not that contained.

Wheat, barley, and rye contain gluten. If you make food from this gluten won’t disappear it stays at the food. If you make a good pancake from wheat flour, that contains gluten. If you make a loaf of good bread from rye food, it contains gluten.

There is no method to extract gluten from food. 

What causes gluten in your body – if you have a disease and don’t take a gluten free diet?

Short answer: big problems.gluten free diet

Long answer: very significant problems. Exactly: it causes health problems for those with gluten-related disorders, including

  • celiac disease,
  • non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS),
  • gluten ataxia,
  • dermatitis herpetiformis (DH),
  • wheat allergy.

What are the significant problems caused by gluten?

  • type of malabsorption: less able to absorb nutrients, minerals, and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.
  • Malabsorption with vitamin D and Calcium can cause osteopenia and osteoporosis,
  • weight loss and fatigue of lack of energy,
  • iron malabsorption causes iron deficiency anaemia, folic acid, and vitamin B12 malabsorption – at the end megaloblastic anaemia,
  • grows the risk for abnormal bleeding,
  • thyroid diseases and so on.

What are the most common symptoms if your body is some problem with gluten? What will you with your body without gluten free diet?

  • stomachache or diarrhea after eating food contains gluten, gluten free diet
  • hair loss,
  • skin-problems,
  • problems with menstruation, infertility,
  • osteoporosis,
  • weight-loss,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • impaired growth,
  • malabsorption’s problems,
  • anemia, and so on.

Is it bad gluten for those who has no disease caused by gluten?

No. If you have not celiac, NCGS, gluten ataxia, and any similar diseases, you don’t have to take gluten free diet.

Maybe doctors said to avoid for a while because of thyroid diseases or any other problems. If you have enteritis, it is better for your body to avoid gluten for a while. Gluten can cause inflammation in your digestive system. That’s why you have to eat gluten free diet until you are better.

If the doctor says after the diet you can eat any food. Sometimes gluten free diet takes just some months’.

Why it’s worth to take gluten free diet?

  • because the doctor said,
  • If you eat gluten free food you have no stomachache, no headache no nausea, no vomiting, no allergic reaction,
  • with gluten free diet your autoimmune disease won’t assault your molecules,
  • you won’t have any other disease connected with celiac,
  • some research found correlation between outburst by autist people and eating gluten,
  • paleo diet does not recommend gluten – some experts say that paleo is a healthy method for longer life – without gluten.

Of course:

If you have some gluten-intolerant autoimmune disease or gluten intolerant disease (celiac or NCGS) you have the only choice: gluten free diet.


If you must take gluten free diet, just start from the beginning: you’re welcomed in Budapest gluten free.